Our Organic Spa Services

Natural healing services and products, featuring Nature's Sunshine Oils

Organic Spa Services

LUXXE Organix services promote relaxation, rejuvenation and balance.

We invite you blend personalized lotions and scrubs with our organic essential oils for yourself or as a gift for someone special. We use Nature’s Sunshine oils, established 1972. These fabulous oils can also be used aromatically or topically! Schedule your appointment today


Acupuncture can be used to alleviate pain and treat physical, mental and emotional conditions by stimulating certain points in your body. This ancient practice will release qi, or the flow of energy, providing healing and relief for depression, sleep disturbances, endometriosis and more!

Read more on the benefits of Acupuncture.

Insurance may cover services. A super bill will given at the time of the service to be submitted to your insurance company.

New Patient Visit: $130
Treatment: $70

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IN.FORM Nutrition/Healthy Lifestyle Program

LUXXE Organix is proud to offer this holistic 13-week nutrition and healthy lifestyle program taught by Founder Jennifer Del Giudice, RN, along with Bianca Castelbuono, Holistic Health & Nutrition Coach and Kim DiTrani, RN and former In.Form student who lost 25 lbs with the program and kept it off one year later. Understand the connection between glandular heath, stress, mindfulness and weight loss. Are you ready for a change? Sign up today!

Call 630-581-5354 to enroll in an In.Form Class.

Learn more about the benefits of the IN.FORM Program.

Note that there are no refunds once materials have been distributed, but you are welcome to re-enroll anytime within the year when your schedule permits.

Do you prefer to organize your own In.Form group with girlfriends or co-workers? Contact LUXXE Organix at 630-581-5354 to find a day/time that works for your team.

IN.FORM Luxxe Deluxe Nutrition/Healthy Lifestyle Program

The In.Form Luxxe Deluxe program is our popular holistic 13-week nutrition and healthy lifestyle program PLUS many services to enhance relaxation and get those cortisol levels down! Reach your goals…and SAVE 20% off your total:

Try new methods, educate yourself on ways to renew and relax, and detox from the inside out!

 Program includes:
  • 13-weeks of In.Form
  • 1 Massage
  • 1 session of Acupuncture
  • 1 session of Healing Touch
  • 1 session of Ionic Detox Foot Bath
  • 1 session of Meditation
  • 1 Aromatherapy Class
  • 1 All-Natural Hydrating Facial
  • Support from the group + mid-week communication from instructors

Please note that there are no refunds once materials have been distributed, but you are welcome to re-enroll anytime within the year when your schedule permits.

Learn more about the benefits of the In.Form  Program.

Call 630-581-5354  to enroll in In.Form Luxxe Deluxe

Private & Group Health Coaching

Whether your goal is weight loss, resolving digestive issues, stress reduction, more energy, or better sleep, we will look at your whole picture, and develop step-by-step, easily integrated changes, so that you can stay on track and reach your goals permanently!

We will support you every step of the way! We will both motivate you and hold you accountable. We will share practical tools and educational materials along the way. Over time, you will feel more balanced, vibrant and healthy.

To learn more about how private & group health coaching works, click here.

Luxxe Wellness-$165 (1 session)

1-60 minute consultation

1-biotracker reading

20% off one service & 10% off one product

Luxxe Wellness Plus-$299 (2 sessions)

2-60 minute consultations

2-biotracker readings

20% off two services & 10%off  two products

Luxxe Deluxe-$599 (4 sessions)

4-60 minute consultations

4-biotracker readings

FREE makeup consultation

20% off 5 services & 10% off 5 products

Personalized Appointments with Sylvia Klinger, RD

Our registered dietitian is available to help you improve your nutrition choices with personal consultations. Meet with Sylvia and be inspired to improve your health and your life! Her approach is creative, fresh and fun!

Call for Pricing.

Coming Soon: Mindfulness Eating Workshop


Energy surrounds your body and flows throughout your body. When your energy flows freely, you feel balanced are in a better position to self-heal. Benefits of an energy work session include:

  • Reduced anxiety, tension and stress
  • Increased relaxation
  • Reduced fatigue
  • Support for cancer patients, providing relief during chemotherapy and radiation treatments
  • Facilitated wound healing
  • Assistance in the preparation for, and recovery from, medical treatments and surgeries
  • Enhanced sense of spiritual connection

Let energy work clear, balance, and support your system and facilitate your self-healing and well-being.

60-minute session: $85

Click here to schedule a Reiki or TRE session.


Massage is a wonderfully relaxing service, but did you know it also helps improve circulation, reduce stress and tension, and relieve sore muscle pain? At LUXXE Organix, we offer a variety of massages to leave you refreshed and renewed.

LUXXE Signature Massage uses long fluid strokes to promote a sense of well-being by increasing your blood circulation and lymphatic flow. It improves muscle tone and creates total relaxation.

  • 60 minutes: $95
  • 90 minutes: $135

Prenatal Massage is similar to our Signature massage for pregnant clients. Benefits include relaxation, emotional support, reduced neck, back and joint pain, management of muscle weakness and tension.

  • 60 minutes: $95
  • 90 minutes: $135

LUXXE Deep Tissue Massage uses deep, deliberate strokes to separate and lengthen your muscle fibers. Great for muscular tension and spasms due to stress, athletic activities or overworked muscles.

  • 60 minutes: $115
  • 90 minutes: $165

Aromatherapy Massage helps to naturally increase circulation, while nourishing the skin! Discover the ancient art of aromatherapy refined over the centuries. Experience the therapeutic powers of essential oils in a relaxing massage that incorporates the healing powers through the sense of smell and touch.

  • 60 minutes: $105
  • 90 minutes: $145

Our Tune Up helps gives you the benefit of our Signature massage when you don’t have the time. This 30 minute massage is performed on our massage table and focuses only on the back, head, neck and shoulders.

  • 30 minutes: $45

Scalp & Foot Massage is a relaxing head massage, followed by soothing lower leg work and detailed foot massage. Includes mini foot scrub and hot towel foot wrap.

  • 30 minutes: $45

Reiki is a gentle, natural, healing modality that enhances the flow of life force energy which animates all living things. Because we are made up entirely of energy, Reiki can improve well-being on physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual levels.

  • 30 minutes: $45
  • 60 minutes: $95

TRE (Tension Release Exercises) allows your body to restore and heal from physical, emotional, and mental stress. Developed by Dr. David Berceli, Ph.D., TRE is a simple technique used by thousands of people in over 35 countries. The technique utilizes a set of basic exercises to release accumulated stress or tension from the body by evoking a controlled muscular shaking process called neurogenic muscle tremors. ​Some of the many reported benefits of this practice include: improved sleep​, decreased stress and anxiety, increased relaxation, and improved awareness of the body and mind.

  • 60 minute Group Class Wednesday from 9:30-10:30am: $35
  • 60 minute Private Session by appointment: $95

Experience the invigorating benefits of Dry Body Brushing before any massage service. Known to stimulate and flush your lymphatic system, help with circulation, reduce cellulite and exfoliate the skin, dry brushing will help invigorate your senses. Along with glowing and tighter skin, regular dry skin brushers report feeling invigorated after a quick session.

  • $15

Intensify your Deep Tissue Massage with Sliding Body Cupping. Sliding cupping is a reverse massage for your muscles. Instead of adding pressure and pushing the tissue DOWNWARDS, the suction used in sliding cupping pulls everything UPWARDS, allowing for fresh, oxygenated blood to circulate through tight muscles, stubborn knots and irritated fascia. The cup is able to slide while retaining its suction when we use massage oil to provide glide to the area that we are working on, which commonly feels like a deep-tissue massage.

  • $15

Click here to schedule a custom massage.


Our Meditation class, lead by Dr. Meenaksi Balakrishnan, will explore a mix of light yoga, breathing techniques and guided meditations.

Classes are held on Fridays from 9:00am-10:00am. Group classes are $20/session.

Private ($85) or Semi-Private ($45) Sessions are also available. Please call to schedule.  Discounts of 5% and 10% are available on packages of 5 or 10 classes.

Click here to reserve your space in class, or to book a private session.

Learn more about the health benefits of meditation.

CoolSculpting | The Cool Contour

The Cool Contour Team, Dr. Cynthia Brooks & Katrina Kern, will treat your stubborn fat with the only non-invasive, FDA-cleared, permanent fat removal treatment on the market. There is no recovery or downtime, and clients can resume normal activity right away!

Costs are based on areas to be targeted. Call 630-581-5354 or click here to schedule a consultation.

Learn more about CoolSculption and The Cool Contour Team.


Facials and Makeup Application

Did you know that skincare products applied to your skin go directly into your bloodstream? OSMOSIS Skincare and Makeup Line is derived from all-natural fruit ingredients with no toxic ingredients or parabens. It stimulates collagen without trauma and increases DNA repair, leaving you with long-lasting results.

Our organic spa facials are popular for their purity and results. They will decrease inflammation, and target anti-aging, hyper pigmentation, acne and sensitive skin.

Osmosis Extraction Facial

Experience deep pore cleansing, exfoliation, invigorating massage, gentle extraction and treatment with serum and moisturizer!

Osmosis Extraction Facial: $55

Osmosis Teen Facial

A 45-minute facial customized for teenage skin conditions. Our aesthetician will decongest and hydrate the skin, while also providing your teen with education on skincare.

Osmosis Teen Facial:$70/div>

Osmosis Express Mini Facial

A 30-minute facial customized to your skin condition. Perfect for maintaining healthy skin with a busy lifestyle!

Osmosis Express Mini Facial: $70

Osmosis Hydrating Facial

This 60-minute level one facial uses an organic mask that increases moisture to the skin. This is a must-have for Chicago winters!

Osmosis Hydrating Facial: $90

Osmosis Medi-Facial

Our 75-minute Medi-Facial uses a custom powder blend combined with a certified organic mask to increase collagen and elastin while restoring moisture to the skin. Promote repair while relaxing your skin and mind.

Osmosis Medi-Facial: $135

Facial Infusion

Our 75-minute Facial Infusion is the first non-acid peel in the skin care industry! This facial will resurface your skin and increase cellular renewal by feeding the dermis. Benefits also include stimulating collagen production and restoring capillary flow which increases nutrition to the skin.

Osmosis Facial Infusion: $150

Signature Medi-Infusion

Having trouble deciding between the Medi-Facial and Facial Infusion? No need to choose! Indulge in the benefits of both treatments for optimal results. Please allow 90 minutes for this combination facial.

Osmosis Signature Medi-Infusion: $17

NATUROPATHICA was created to work with the skin’s natural processes to smooth and firm, hydrate and protect, brighten and revitalize and clarify and rebalance.Made in the Hamptons, the science behind this skincare line is to use proven botanical ingredients and clean cosmeceuticals to deliver visible results. You will never see base materials, fillers or additives that compromise skin health in these facials!

Naturopathica Bio Energy Lift Facial

This luxurious treatment delivers instant skin rejuvenation by accelerating cellular respiration. Bring fatigued, over-stressed skin back to life with this blend of copper & amino acid complex, peptides, vitamins and minerals that will firm, lift and revitalize your skin.

Naturopathica Bio Energy Lift Facial: $135 (60 min), $180 (90 min)

Naturopathica Vitamin C15 Brightening Facial

This 75-minute treatment helps to reverse the effects of sun damage and premature aging. Potent antioxidants and corrective botanical extracts revitalize the skin. Featuring Naturopathica’s clinically proven, breakthrough, daily Vitamin C15 Wrinkle Repair Serum that helps firm, brighten and dramatically reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Naturopathica C15 Brightening Facial: $155

Naturopathica Wrinkle Repair Facial

A 75-minute facial that combats the signs of aging! Active ingredients Argan Plant Stem Cells, Matrixyl® synthe’6® and a Tri-Retinol blend work together to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles while improving skin tone and firmness.

Naturopathica Wrinkle Repair Facial: $175

Makeup Application for Adults

Visit us for a professional makeup application before your next party or event! Our makeup artist will leave your skin glowing with all-natural, non-toxic Osmosis makeup products.

Osmosis Makeup Application for Adults: $40

Makeup Application for Teens

You have the dress, the shoes and the purse…don’t forget the professional makeup application before your homecoming, prom or other special event! Our makeup artist will have you camera-ready with all-natural, non-toxic Osmosis makeup products.

Osmosis Makeup Application for Teens: $20

Makeup Application Lessons

Have you always wanted to learn how to do a smoky eye or the perfect red lip? Our step-by-stop makeup application lessons are just the thing for you! Our makeup artist will offer instructions, tips and tricks based on your individual needs.

Osmosis Makeup Application Class: $20

Revita Pen (Non-Invasive Alternative to Micro Needling)

Enhance results with technology that creates pathways to deliver active ingredients deep into the skin. Expand your facial service with a non-invasive device that enhances product absorption to create visible & instant results! Unique sphere- shaped tips create micro-channels in the skin, allowing Osmosis or Naturopathica active ingredients to be driven deep for optimal skin restoration.


  • Gentle Exfoliation
  • For All Skin Types & Conditions
  • Increase Hydration
  • Reduce Fine Lines, Wrinkles, & Age Spots
  • Improve Texture Of Skin, Diminish Scar Tissue
  • Reduce Blemishes, Inflammation, & Pigmentation

*Can Be A Stand-Alone Treatment Or Enhance Other Services


  • Adjustable Depth To Customize Amount Of Product Absorbed Into The Skin
  • Ability To Use Slower Speed Along Bony Prominences & Forehead
  • Optional Eye & Lip Treatment As Add-On Service


  • Stand-Alone Treatment- $80.00
  • Add-On To Any Facial- $80.00
  • Add-On Eye Treatment- $30.00
  • Add-On Lip Treatment- $30.00

Click here to schedule an appointment for any of our all-natural facials.

Call 630-581-5354 to inquire about our facials for clients in treatment for cancer. Jennifer Del Guidice, RN, is trained in oncology skincare using a line that is medically approved for oncology patients.


Make an appointment to relax and uncover your smooth skin for a gorgeous glow.

Eyebrow Shaping: $25
Eyebrow Maintenance: $23
Face Sides: $30
Lips: $15
Chin: $15
Sideburns: $25
Underarms: $25
Bikini: $40
Full Arms: $50
Half Arms: $30
Full Legs: $65
Half Legs: $40
Chest: $40
Stomach: $20
Back: $60

Click here to schedule a waxing appointment.

Spray Tanning

All-natural spray tanning will give you a year-round healthy glow without the unhealthy toxic ingredients. Our organic spa product uses sugar cane and beets to achieve the color you desire.

Spray Tanning: $40

Click here to schedule a Spray Tanning session.

Ionic Detox Foot Bath

Naturally cleanse and detoxify your body! Our 30-minute Vitality FX Ionic Detox Foot Spa Treatment can revitalize your health. We will soak your feet in electromagnetically charged water to detoxify your cells.

Ionic Foot Bath: $35
Ionic Foot Bath + Aromatherapy Foot Scrub and Massage: $50

Click here to schedule a Ionic Foot Bath session.

Learn more about the health benefits of ionic foot bath.

Foot Scrub

Relax and enjoy a foot scrub and massage! Melt away the stress of the day! This service is also a perfect complement with our Ionic Foot Detox Foot Spa Treatment.

Foot scrub and massage: $20

Click here to schedule a Foot Scrub & Massage.

Gift Cards & Packages

We hope you will stop in to fulfill the wish lists for friends, family and teachers this holiday season! In addition to our LUXXE Organix and Osmosis products, we also have accessories, gift cards and packages designed with relaxation, renewal and wellness in mind.

View our detailed package information!